With so many amazing games which can make the gamer lost in a virtual world, who needs real world adventures? By just sitting in the comfort of your home you can spend hours and hours playing amazing games. Try out some products at easysmx’s store.

As the craze for games has risen, so has for the gaming controllers. With so many options and features, gaming consoles enhance your gaming experience and make you feel like you are inside the game. With so many super cool controls and hand gestures, you can control your character in the game and do so much more! Games like Grand Theft Auto when played with the help of a gaming controller can give you chills!

Read on to know more about some of the designer gaming controllers and the mobile gaming controller. In this article, you will also read about the gaming controllers which are compatible with several consoles.

Fancy/Designer Gaming Controllers

EasySMX provides gamers with a number of designer gaming controllers with so many cool functions and great designs in order to enhance their gaming experience.

1. ESM4108S

An ESM4108S is a wireless gaming controller for Nintendo Switch or PC. It has a stable Bluetooth connection with 32 feet range and an advanced 6-axis sensor. If you are a gamer, you might know how important it is for a gaming controller to support vibration as it makes the game feel real. Fortunately, this gaming controller has a vibration feature with so many more amazing features like fast action triggers!

2. YS27

YS27 is an elegant wireless controller available in many different colors. It is compatible with all Nintendo switch consoles, Android phones, Android TV, and wired PC. This gaming controller has a wireless range up to 10m and has a built-in asymmetric somatosensory double vibration motor.

3. YS06

The YS06 wireless controller is one of the most stylish gaming controllers with a number of designs and colors available. This gaming controller uses Bluetooth and has a wireless range of up to 10m. There are so many amazing cool features provided by this controller such as the vibration motor.

Mobile Gaming Controller


EDM F1 mobile game controller is a mobile compatible controller which enhances the experience of mobile games like pubg, call of duty mobile, etc. This gaming controller has so many cool features like a GamePad, aiming, trigger, a cooler (cooling fan), and phone charging capability (for emergency use only).

Gaming Controllers Compatible With Several Consoles

EasySMX has a wide variety of amazing gaming controllers. Hop on to the following points to know more about the gaming controllers that are compatible with several consoles.

1. SL-9111

SL-9111 wired controller is compatible with Windows PCs, PS3, TV box, Vista, and Android KitKat+ and allows players to venture into the world of virtual reality in style! One of the best features of this gaming controller is that it has a 2m long USB cable which lets you sit comfortably away from the gaming screen.

2. ESM-9100

ESM-9100 wired controller is available in a number of amazing colors and designs. With the cool vibrating motors embedded in the side grips of this gaming controller, the gamers can feel like they are inside the game! This gaming controller has a 2m long USB cable.

3. XC-8802 (wireless)

The XC-8802 wireless gaming controller is compatible with Windows PCs, PS3, TV box, Vista, and Android KitKat+ versions. This gaming controller supports both wired and wireless connections and has many amazing features like one key wake up.

4. ESM-9013 (Wireless)

If you want to have a real time gaming experience with asymmetric vibrating mode, then you should definitely go for the ESM-9013 wireless controller which is compatible with PC, Android, and PS3. It has a number of vibration levels that will make players feel like they are inside the game.

5. ESM-4108 (Wireless)

The ESM-4108 wireless controller, which is compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC, has a stable Bluetooth connection with 32 feet range. This gaming controller provides fast action triggers that will assist in enabling precise movements to enhance your gaming experience and let you play for hours without getting bored!


If you are a gamer, then EasySMX is the perfect destination for you as it offers a wide range of amazing gaming controllers with so many cool features and great designs and colors available. With gaming controllers ranging from mobile controllers to PC and Nintendo Switch controllers, you are sure to step into the world of games and experience it like never before!


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