Washing your car on your own is a daunting task that will not only stress you but take a lot of your time. Using a Retractable System like a pressure washer to the washing your car eases the pressure involved in washing your vehicle. All you need to do is have your vehicle appropriately parked in an open space, set up the pressure washer properly, and start washing. Depending on the focus for the washing process, your pressure washer will assist you in cleaning places you can’t reach in the car. Overall, using a pressure washer to clean your vehicle is a more practical option.

Cleaning your car is an effective way to maintain your car, no doubt about that. Hence, your sole focus should be ensuring you wash your car correctly. With your hands, you will miss some spots, which may be the beginning of your car looking old. With a pressure washer, you hardly miss any spots, but because the pressure washer uses pressure to clean, it may lead to some other damages. Pressure washing your car optimally is the best option because you hardly miss any spots, and you wash your vehicle safely. This guide will provide you with tips on pressure washing your cars. Some of these tips are;

Get the suitable pressure washer

Cleaning is one of the prevalent tactics to keep your vehicle looking beautiful over time. But if you want to pressure wash the car, you have to be careful. That’s because the idea is to clean and not damage the vehicle. The first thing you want to determine is if you are buying the suitable pressure washer. For your car washing purpose, you do not need the highest pressure, but at the same time, you do not require low pressure. The pounds per square inch of the pressure washer should be around 1200 and 1300 psi. If it’s slightly above this, you may be receiving cracks on your car.

Get the surface pressure washer nozzle

The nozzle of the pressure washer is as important as the pressure washer When it comes to car cleaning, if not more important. You may think that all nozzles are the same – that is very incorrect in pressure washers. The pressure washer nozzles may have the same shape and appearance, but they are very different. The difference between the nozzles is usually depicted in the colour of the nozzle. The difference is the degree of the nozzle, which affects how much the water coming from the nozzle will rush. As much as possible, your least pressure washer nozzle should be around 25 degrees.

Park your vehicle spaciously

Before you pressure wash your car, you need a lot of space. A primary reason your vehicle may get damaged is the closeness of the nozzle to the car parts. If you don’t have enough space between your car and the nozzle, the pressure and velocity of the water coming from the nozzle may be too hard for the car’s surface.


When you’re pressure washing your car, you need to have a watchful eye for car paint damages, so you don’t damage it more. Also, start by rinsing off the dirt on the car before applying cleanser and using a suitable cleaner. After that, rinse the car properly.


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