A fuel pump is one of the essential parts of running a car. If the fuel pump is not present or is not working properly, the vehicle may face several issues, such as problems with starting the engine, stalling, overheating, and more. You must ensure that the pump is in top condition and that the fuel is relayed without any issues.

However, a defective fuel pump is one of the most common issues people face with a car. So, why does the high pressure fuel pump stop working, and how do you get to know about it? Here are all the details you must know. Keep reading.

Reasons For the Fuel Pump to Become Faulty

There could be several reasons for the fuel pump to stop working smoothly. The three most common reasons are technical issues, contamination, and clogging of filters. Only after you know how these issues occur and how they lead to the failure of the pump will you be able to make changes and ensure a long life for your vehicle.

Fuel contamination is a common reason for the pump failing to function. Contamination can be caused by debris, environmental moisture, corrosion or rust, and more. Technical issues also cause fuel pump failure, such as loose wires, melted wires, loose connectors, etc. Clogging of filters and other critical components is caused by the particles that cause contamination.

Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump

There are varied reasons for the failure of the fuel pump. These causes can lead to the vehicle not functioning at all. One of the ways you can save your car from getting completely washed out is by diagnosing the signs of failure earlier and fixing them. Here are some signs showing that the fuel pump is not functioning properly.

The Engine Does Not Start Or Starts With Issues

One of the first issues you will face is the car’s engine. The engine won’t start, or there will be some hurdles. When it starts, the engine will make noises and not run smoothly. This shows that there is a possibility of a faulty fuel pump.

Overheating Of The Engine

The vehicle may stop working properly if the pump does not deliver the required fuel to the engine. The car may stop in the middle of the road, and you may be unable to start it back up. This constant struggle may cause the car to overheat as the requirements are unmet. If your car is overheating and the engine is not working properly, make sure to check the fuel pump at the first chance.

Overconsumption of fuel

Another sign to make you attentive is that the car may consume more fuel than usual. There could be other causes for this, too, but you must get the pump checked, as a defective fuel pump can send more gas to the engine than necessary, leading to overconsumption.


A fuel pump goes bad when there is an issue of fuel contamination due to some infiltration from the surroundings. This could also happen when the filter is blocked or due to technical issues with the wires and the connectors. Make sure to know the symptoms so you can spot the fault early and get it checked.


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