There are multiple types of chairs that can be classified based on their style, material and use. People need dining chairs as part of basic furniture, so the demand for dining chair sets never falls. Companies manufacture chairs depending upon the ongoing demand and traditional trends as well. Among all types of materials, people prefer wooden dining chairs, as they look elegant and glorify their dining rooms.

Division based on material:

Following is a division of wooden dining chairs that may help you choose your dining set.


Dining chairs made up of rubberwood are environmentally friendly. They reuse the plantation trees that have previously been used for some purpose. Furthermore, such chairs are strong and excellent for indoor use.

Rattan wood:

Rattan wood is a solid, strong wood; it gives a robust framework to chairs. These chairs are best for outdoor use and are durable. They can bear extra weight compared to other chairs due to the strong wooden material used in their structure.


Oak furniture is best for household use due to its premium quality. It is used to make furniture of different unique designs and colors. Chairs made up of oak hardly require maintenance and have a life span of about 20-40 years.


Ash hardwood is used to make robust and durable dining chairs. Ashwood dining chairs are the cheapest yet have specific excellent features. Ash wood is shock and scratch-resistant, and this feature makes the chairs and other furniture durable.

Division based on style and design:

There are different shapes and designs in dining chairs.

Chinese dining chairs:

Based on the design, Chinese dining chairs are the best formal chairs. They are present in many standard, traditional, modern and classical designs. These chairs are famous worldwide as they are attractive and less expensive.

Western dining chairs:

Western dining chairs are famous worldwide due to their fine quality. You will observe a wide variety of designs of western chairs. Elegant, hand-distressed chairs are comfortable and gain the attention of buyers.

Office chairs:

Office dining chairs are formal, modern and classical. They are made of different sturdy materials and give the office dining hall an attractive and formal appearance.

Bar seats:

Specially styled dining seats are used in bars and cafes according to the overall vibe of the place. These chairs are significant factors in gaining the customer’s attention. So, the bar owners are picky about choosing the perfect dining chairs.

Customized chairs:

You can order any dining chair according to your need. Companies manufacture different chairs according to the market trend and customers’ demand. Custom-based wooden dining chairs are expensive but are worth the price. You can place an order for your dining chairs by selecting your choice’s design, shape and size at any time.


Online websites have made it easy for every layperson to buy products by pressing a single button. You don’t need to worry about the quality of dining chairs ordered online as companies offer guarantees over their products.


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