If you are looking for eyewear that is elegant and refined, gold frame prescription glasses are your best bet. No matter what your purpose is, enhancing your vision, for blue light protection or just as a fashion statement, Gold Frames have the ability to light up your whole face and take them to the next level. Gold Frames tend to look best on those whose skin have a warm undertone. But it all comes down to personal choices and if you think it is best for you, don’t let anything hold you back, just go for it!

Gold Eye Glasses Product Range

There are a wide variety of products available in the market when it comes to gold frame prescription glasses. You can find them in different shapes, sizes and designs. Some of the most popular options include:

1. Manhattan

Unisexual in built, with an aviator frame with a minimalist style. That is what defines Manhattan. A full-rim pure titanium frame which is all of style and none of the fuss. Lightweight and chic, the streamline design helps in taking you through the day.

2. Rouge

Exclusively for men, Rouge is a perfect pair for those who want a pair of affordable yet stylish Eyeglasses. The oval frame shape will make you stand out from the crowd. The cushioned nose pad and spring hinge make them extremely comfortable while wearing.

3. Glenview

Built for all the genders, this design comprises of a round frame that’s made of ultra-light and anti-allergen material called titanium. The thin silhouette of the frame offers a sleek appearance and severs as a stunning product for everyone out there.

4. Sonoma

The Sonoma Eyeglasses come with a raised nose bridge and round lenses and at the same time slim line arms that have the power to serve a traditional silhouette. Adjustable nose pads and convenient temple tips and allow the eyewear to adapt the fit to suit the wearer’s shape of the face, which ensures day-long comfort.

5. Augustine

This product is oval and rectangular that helps in creating a traditional appearance. It gets completed with nose pads and acetate temple tips (adjustable pads), which are designed in a way that it provides a comfortable fit, suitable for daily wear.

Wide Range Of Stylish And Elegant Eye Glasses

GlassesShop is committed to providing the customers with the quality eyewear products at a competitive price. After many years of development, the company has their own professional team and their own complete industrial chain from the design, material selection and production of glasses. This means that the company has a wide range of Varieties according to the needs of the users. No matter who they are, they can rest assured that they will get their fit.

Affiliate Programs By GlassesShop Can Fill Your Pockets

GlassesShop is providing an Affiliate Program with which you can earn more commissions. This program allows people to turn the company’s wide variety of selections of Eyeglasses and special consumer discounts into revenue for themselves. When the company makes a sale to a customer who is referred from your source, the person earns a commission of 12-17%, and all of the Transactions will be handled by the company itself.


Everyone in the world has the right to feel the beauty of the same. The company GlassesShop runs with this principle at its core. Providing the customers with the best quality products, but at a price that is affordable to everyone, from all walks of life, thereby making sure that everyone out there has something for them, bringing out their individuality.


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