Neon signs have been used for years in the marketing and advertising industry; you must have seen them in the 90s movies, especially in restaurants and clubs. In the past, they were only available in the radish lights but now we have unlimited options in colors as well as designs.

There are numerous designs and types of neon signs and sometimes it can be difficult to select what is best for you. Now neon signs are also not limited to restaurants or bars, it is popular at weddings also. You can make a custom neon wedding sign where everything will be according to your wedding theme.

If you are looking for available neon signs then the given article provides you with enough information. We have described some of the main types so you can figure out what type of neon sign you want to get.

Different Types Of Neon Signs

The market is full of neon lights and signs, they vary in size, design, and shape. Some of the main types of neon signs are discussed below:

Neon On Print

It is a very trendy custom neon sign where you have to provide a print that you like and then the neon tubing will be complimented on it. It is like adding life to your design. You can choose the colors according to your taste also. These types of neon signs are mostly used for the decoration of a bedroom or home where you want to place your own work but in a stylish way.

Neon Infinity Design

The infinity design is made by using different neon tubing then they will mold into a shape multiple times. It lets you get an optical illusion that shows that the design is at a never-ending stage. Here also you are free to select the shape of the design.

These types of neon signs are very attention-grabbing. You can mount them on a wall or just hang them. They are something unique that your friends and your family members may not have seen earlier.

Neon Signs On the Mirror

This is another very unique type of neon sign where the design looks like it is striking against the background of a mirror but actually, it is etched into a mirror through a laser. Besides mounting them, this type of neon sign proves to be a very interesting gift that you can give to someone.

Neon Sign Art

Converting art into neon signs has become a very trendy thing. In this type of sign, some interesting art is selected and then transformed into a neon sign. These types of neon signs are available where the producers have selected the art design on their own but you can also create your own idea and transform it into a neon sign.

Simple Neon

Besides the above-described type, there is a simple neon where there is no backing panel or acrylic case only the Neon is present in the design. You can just provide the word or phrase that you want to design to the producer and they will get it ready for you.

If you are just taking the Neon then it is important that you hire an electrician for the installation purpose who has experience in the related field.

Other Types

We can also divide neon signs depending on the need. For instance, there are wedding neon signs, party neon signs, gaming neon signs, kitchen neon signs, etc. All these designs are made keeping the related purpose in mind.


When it comes to selecting what type of neon sign is suitable for you, there are multiple available options. Neon signs are available in different types depending upon the method they are made and the purpose for which they are designed. Additionally, they are available in the form of custom neon designs where you can customize everything from the design to the color according to your preferences.


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