Jute is among the most in-demand natural ropes in the market. A jute rope is used in many applications for practical and decorative reasons hence its popularity. Its traditional brown appearance is captivating, and the texture adds to its aesthetics. Jute ropes are made from natural fibers, so they are environmentally friendly. However, they are very susceptible to environmental elements which may ruin them. They need much care and attention to last longer so that you can maximize their benefits. So, here are tips to note if you want to take care of your non-stretch jute rope.

How to care for your non-stretch jute rope

We all have to care for anything that helps us at home and in business. Being cautious on how you handle the jute ropes allows you to use them for long without interference from external factors. It also saves you money because you don’t need to buy new ropes all the time. The maintenance process for a jute rope is straightforward. They are easy to care for and maintain their condition if you follow the proper steps and do it regularly.

Always keep them dry

As we mentioned, jute ropes are natural, and the fibers are hygroscopic. It means that they are likely to soak in water or moisture very quickly. You can tell when the rope soaks in water, but it takes time to notice the moisture effects. When put in water, these ropes can absorb up to 35% of their total mass. It takes a large amount of water for them to feel wet; they shrink in the process and finally rot if not dried. If the rope is indoor, ensure it’s not in a moisture-filled space, but it’s better:but it’s easier to keep it dry. to keep it dry. Keep it under a shelter or enclosed in a dry area when outdoors.

Clean them often

Cleaning jute ropes helps maintain their natural appearance. It also extends their lifespan, so it’s necessary to do it regularly. Using a vacuum is one of the cleaning methods. It removes dust and loose dirt, but tough stains are best removed through handwashing with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly, then hang to dry while avoiding direct sunlight. Don’t use bleaches or strong chemicals as they destroy the fibers.

Proper storing

Jute ropes assume folds or tight coils if stored in that position for a long time. Create loose curls by storing the ropes inside a large bag or hanging them over a frame or wall post, so they remain straight. Though jute ropes resist UV light, avoid storing them under direct sunlight. Place them in a dark room or space that is dry and cool. Without proper storage, you will not enjoy the benefit of these ropes fully.


Jute ropes are perfect for craft making, DIY projects, and decorating plant vases, among other uses. You can get them in different sizes for your projects, as seen on Alibaba. Regular maintenance is vital to have them for an extended period. Ensure you clean them, keep them dry and store them in a dark, moisture-free area.


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