You could decide that you want to add even more value to your home by spicing up your bathroom to put the building up for sale. Or you simply want to spice up your bathroom for your personal preference. Either way, the semi-frameless shower screen is an outstanding method of achieving your aim.  But you might be worried about the semi-frameless shower screen price.

If you have this worry, then hopefully this article will be of assistance. We will offer a broader look at the issue to help you decide if the price is worth it. Why is the semi-frameless shower screen so sought after? Is it durable? What is the price range? These and other facts will be disclosed in this article.

Why is the Semi Frameless Shower Screen so Sought After?

This is a very interesting question. Fun fact, the semi-frameless shower screen could be referred to as a hybrid when discussing its advantages over the other two shower designs. The semi-frameless shower screen is more refined and modern compared to the framed shower screen. However, if you have a “classics” theme going on in your bathroom, the framed might just do you some good.

Additionally, the semi-frameless shower screen is not as expensive as the frameless shower screen. So even though the frameless might be even more modern than the semi-frameless, the latter is a more viable option price-wise.  

So now you see why the semi-frameless shower screen is so sought after. The price is not so expensive (compared to the frameless design) and the design is a bit more modern (than the framed design).

Is the Semi Frameless Shower Screen Durable?

Since there might be a budget in place, it is perfectly normal to want to cover all your bases and get the most out of what you have. Of course, the durability of the shower screen is a reasonable deciding factor. Now, the semi-frameless shower screen is similar to any other shower screen.

There are two major glass thickness options available for shower screens. The ¾ inches and the ½ inch options. The same applies to the semi-frameless shower screen. But concerning the durability of the semi-frameless shower screen, there is nothing to worry about. It is made up of reinforced glass held firmly in place by steel (aluminium) parts at the edges.

What is the Price Range?

Well, to be honest, the price varies based on several factors. The price range quoted here does not include instalment and addition of extra features. The semi frameless show screen price can range from as low as $150 to as high as almost $900.


The circumstances might vary based on your budget but the facts about the semi-frameless shower screen remain the same. The semi-frameless shower screen price might vary depending on what exactly you want.

But if you decide to get it, you`ll find that the semi-frameless shower screen price (from a trusted source and with proper maintenance) is worth it.


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